TiVo DTA Box Control Cable (for solid cable box control)

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See the picture below for general setup.


Did your cable company switch to digital signals and send you an adapter or cable box, or are you using IR blasters that are not reliably changing channels?

Does the cable box or adapter from the cable company have an "IR IN" input in the back that looks like a headphone jack?

Do your TiVo and cable box/adapter appear on our list below?

If you answered YES to these questions, then this cable is for you!

Compatible Cable Boxes / DTAs:

  • 4640HDC (Cisco/Scientific Atlanta) 
  • DC50x (Pace Digital Transport Adapter)
  • DC550/D (Cogego/Pace) 
  • DC732 (Suddenlink Digitalink)
  • DCI 1011 (Thomson)
  • DCI 105COM1
  • DCX 3200M P2 (Motorola/Comcast)
  • DCX 3501-M (Motorola)
  • DMS-2002U Evolution 
  • DTA100 (Motorola)
  • DTA170HD (Cisco/Comcast) 
  • DTA30 (Cisco /Comcast) 
  • PCR110c (Pace/Comcast)
  • PR150BNM (Pace/Comcast) 
  • QIP7100-p2 (Motorola /Verizon FiOS) 
  • RNG100 (Cisco/SA)
  • RNG110 (Pace)
  • RNG200N (Pace - Cogeco Cable) 

Compatible TiVo DVRs:

  • TCD130040
  • TCD140060
  • TCD230040
  • TCD240040
  • TCD24004A
  • TCD240080
  • TCD24008A
  • TCD240140
  • TCD540040
  • TCD54004B
  • TCD540080
  • TCD540140
  • TCD649080
  • TCD649180
  • Pioneer 810H
  • Pioneer 57H
  • Toshiba SD-H400
  • Toshiba RS-TX20
  • Toshiba RS-TX60
  • Humax T800
  • Humax T2500
  • Humax DRT400
  • Humax DRT800



If you currently have the IR blaster cable that came with your TiVo (headphone jack with a light purple-colored connector), then you may want to use that cable and go through setup to ensure that your cable box is changing channels more-or-less reliably. Be sure that you do not proceed through setup unless and until you can change channels. If you cannot change channels with the IR blaster cable at all, then the direct-connect cable is not going to work for you either.


Once you have the TiVo working with the IR Blaster, then you can simply disconnect the IR blaster and connec the direct-connect cable. The black end connects to the TiVo and the green end connects to the DTA/Cable box. (Don't worry, we will include these instructions with the cable as well.)

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